Special Treatment Programs

About us

“RO.SI COMPANY”, founded in 1991, specializes in curative hospitality for Europe’s most reputable spas and tourist stays in European countries. For Arab clientele we have become a bridge, providing a gateway between Central Europe, the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East.

Our cliental are treated with the utmost care and consideration. Our position as an industry leader has become consolidated over many years of professional servitude. The ”RO.SI COMPANY” brand is synonymous with reliability, integrity and quality, as proven by our loyal and ever-growing client base.

We provide a wide range of services, including: housing, treatment programs, transportation, optional tours, companion programs, car rentals and others.

To ensure that our international guests feel at home, our staffs are fluent across a broad range of languages, including, Arabic and English, and familiar with world customs and cultures.

“RO.SI COMPANY” coordinates group, corporate and personal bookings. It’s our hope that through our services you’ll be able to realize your dream getaway with minimal effort and maximum pleasure.

Complementary services